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Art Is The Cure CIC is proud to visit schools to give talks to students about creative therapy, mental health and a career in the arts.

We are based in the UK but we have visited schools around the world so please get in touch and lets see if we can organise something.

Our philosophy is to do these talks for free and fund the expenses involved, travel etc, by selling merchandise in our shop so if you want to support this goal of visiting schools for free, please visit our shop and pick something up. 

We can also do video talks so if you want us to give a talk to students via video call, we can find a way to make that happen too!

Please get in touch to plan a visit to your school to give a talk and inspire your students!

"Depression, anxiety, sexual/gender identity, bullying, mental / physical abuse, disorders and disabilities… Challenging conditions and circumstances can lead to a lifetime of pain and devastating consequences for young people in the forms of low self-esteem / self-worth, hate, harm to themselves, harm to others, substance abuse or worse, suicide. Working in public education as a visual art teacher / fine arts administrator for over 25 years I have witnessed too often the suffering from these types of conditions and situations. Youth are robbed from confidence, independent thinking, positive outlook and creative expression. Negative words, actions, difficult diagnoses, can further weaken a person into believing they are not good enough, damaged or worthless, preventing them from seeing the strong, intelligent and creative individuals that they are."

"Rich Simmons’ Art is the Cure is sanctuary!  Beyond a digital portal it is a universal platform with cause, acceptance, and encouragement providing a creative connection to healing, learning, and expression. Art is the Cure mission is to build a community that believes creative expression can provide confidence and strength to overcome negative and challenging experiences in life. Art is the Cure is not just Rich’s story of struggle and perseverance it is a continuous saga of all of our stories. We have a brief and precious journey on this planet, everyone deserves the fulfillment of their life’s potential. That is what Rich Simmons challenged the student body of our small school in Northwest Arkansas to do during one of his trips to the United States. His visit made a lasting impact within our school and community. Students recognize that challenging circumstances and difficult conditions do not define who they are and that one person with enough confidence and courage can make a tremendous impact and difference.  Thank you Rich for inspiring our students to use their creativity to break negative barriers and discover their cure to transform themselves into confident, artistic individuals who desire to help motivate others through creativity."


Aaron Jones

Director of Arts Integration 

Arkansas Arts Academy, Rogers, Arkansas USA


Art Is The Cure CIC

Want to work with Art Is The Cure, contribute to the colouring book or interview series, have us as a guest on your youtube or podcast, or you are from a school and want to inquire about talks and workshops, get in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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