art therapy

Art therapy, where creativity and inspiration face adversity head on. When art becomes more than what you see in galleries. It becomes therapeutic, something that connects and heals us. Something that changes lives and inspires hope. It can become a movement, a unifying force through creativity in all forms. It is the key that unlocks pain, solitude and fear. The elixir we all hold within, the ability to heal ourselves in whatever way we want. Art comes in many forms, creativity holds no prejudice and inspiration has no barriers. Art can be hope, art can be a movement, art can inspire.

what is art therapy?

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the medium of art as a form of expression, communication and release. Art therapy is not used as a diagnostic tool, but as a channel to express emotional issues through creativity. Art therapy is often conducted under the supervision of trained, qualified therapists and can be beneficial to people of all ages, difficulties, disabilities or diagnoses. These include emotional, behavioural or mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions and physical illnesses.

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art is my cure

We want to hear from you about your journeys with creative therapy and how Art Is The Cure has inspired you.

art is the cure's approach

Art Is The Cure fully supports and encourages seeing a trained therapist to learn more about art therapy but we also offer a new approach and idea. We believe that art therapy can be a deeply personal form of self help. Support is often needed at obscure times and mental health can be triggered at any time of day. That is why we believe that learning about your own creative escapes can be a life changing transformation.


It is a simple formula really. Whatever the problem you face, whether its a mental or physical health issue, you can overcome it by understanding your own creative escape and using that as a key to unlock yourself from pain. Whether your art form is painting, writing, skateboarding, music, cooking, model making or something totally different, that becomes the key you can use to unlock yourself whenever you feel trapped by the issues you face. Once you know what your artistic key is, you no longer need to live in fear of the cages you find yourself trapped in. 


Mental or physical health issues aren’t going to be cured by painting a picture. We understand that the issues people face are often life long struggles. We simply want to offer a new approach to balancing these struggles by inspiring you to use art and creativity in any form that works for you, to help you through these difficult times. A paint brush can be a crutch to support you on your journey. A guitar can be the paddle to help you row yourself up the river and support yourself when you hit the rapids. 


Art can be the healthy release you, a friend or loved one needs to release the pain in a healthy way and this platforms sole purpose is to try and inspire you to find your own, unique, bespoke form of creative therapy. 

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Let us visit your school to share our story, vision and message to students who could be inspired to find hope through creativity.


Are you an art therapist or a school who wants to support our work and continue to inspire people in new ways? We would love to partner with qualified professionals who can join us on this platform to share information, advice and support. We would also love to introduce a monthly blog written by an in house art therapist who can answer our communities questions. If you're from a school and want to bring one of our artists to give a talk or a qualified art therapist to offer advice to students, please get in touch and we will try and make that a reality for you!

some inspirational organisations

To learn more about art therapy, mental health organisations and groups that inspire us, please check out some of the links below.