it all began with an idea

Hi, my names Rich. I started Art Is The Cure in 2008 with a simple idea, inspire other people who were struggling to find creativity as a release. Art was a natural release for me, I had always been creative growing up. When I talked to my friends about the things I was going through at the time, I realised what I was doing was a form of art therapy. Instead of self harming or turning to negative releases when I was struggling at home, I would draw or paint and thats how I escaped the pain. Art was my cure. I realised that art therapy wasn’t well known enough for other people like me to find that natural release and I made it my goal to create something that would raise awareness and inspire others to find their creative cure. Over a decade later, Art Is The Cure has inspired countless people to discover creative therapy and find a cure through art. 


our vision

Art Is The Cure wants to change the way people see art as a form of creative therapy and inspire people to turn to creativity instead of negative releases. Our mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the concept of art therapy and the transformative nature of using creativity as a vehicle for healing. 


By telling the stories of people who have used a version of art therapy in their life, we hope to inspire new people to see creativity in a new way and harness it for themselves. Through interviews, films, podcasts, workshops, school visits, fashion, street art, colouring books, events and more, we want to inspire hope, build a community and create a movement.

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inspiration, community, movement

We believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and everyone has a cure at their fingertips. Our goal is to inspire people to tap into that creativity and find the strength to harness their inner artist to overcome negative experiences in life. This platform will be used to inspire people, through inspirational stories, interviews and films to become part of this growing community. With your support, we can turn this community into a movement that inspires people all over the world.

WINNER - AutFest Texas Autism Film Festi
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SEMI FINALIST - Teeb TV Malaysia Mental
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