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  • Where is Art Is The Cure Located?
    We are now based in Brighton, UK. We are willing to travel though and will take on projects, talks and events all over the world so please contact us if you have an opportunity outside London as well.
  • Are you registered Art Therapists?
    No, we are not registered therapists. We are artists with stories to share and a goal of inspiring people by educating them about the power of creative therapy. We would love to work with art therapists and if you are a registered therapist and wish to work with us, please contact us. If you are looking for a registered art therapist, please look for people local to you who are registered practitioners that can help you. If you are in the UK, please visit to find an art therapist local to you. For art therapists in the United States, visit
  • How can I support Art Is The Cure?
    Please check out the Art Is The Cure page to learn more about supporting us through donations. Check out the Community page to see how you can support us by following our social channels to spread the word and our Movement page to learn how you can book us for workshops, talks and collaborations. We would love to share your art and story on our site and social media so please create something that shows your support and we will post it out. We want people to create art that shows your support and can make others aware of Art Is The Cure. Send us photos to or share on social media and use #AITCUNITED or #artisthecureorg so we can showcase them on the site. If you are a school, please share the film with your students, invite us to come and give a talk or workshop and put up posters about AITC in your school. Buying the merchandise will allow us to raise money to fund school visits so the schools dont need to pay us so please order something and wear it with pride. If you wish to donate time or artwork to help us grow, we would love to speak with you about volunteering opportunities.
  • Do you do interviews and press?
    Absoloutely. We want to share this message as far and wide as possible so please get in touch if you want to write a piece on AITC, film our story or invite us on a podcast. Please contact to get in touch with us and we would love to speak with you.
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