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Art Is The Cure CIC is a registered non profit community interest company. (13921817)

All our school visits and workshops with charities are funded entirely by the sales of merchandise and generous donations from the community.

The money raised is used to buy art materials for workshops, cover the traveling expenses to visit schools and promote our message about creative therapy and mental health awareness. 

Please support our movement by purchasing merchandise so you can wear it and promote our message or donating through one of the methods below. 

If you would like to support us in another way or volunteer your time, resources or want to book us for a talk or workshop, please contact us on

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 17.00.51.png

Donate via crypto

If you would like to donate to Art Is The Cure CIC via a crypto transfer, you can use the QR code to the left or copy our wallet address 0xd66E1A31047B362c44B6b15BAcF4EE48eD05C4D4 into your crypto payment.

All proceeds will be cashed out into our non-profit account (Art Is The Cure CIC 13921817) and used to visit schools, run workshops, buy art supplies for schools and organisations who need them and find new ways to promote mental health and creative therapy.

Thank you to anyone who donates!

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