Updated: Jun 10

By Rich Simmons

One of my favourite artist's right now is Aaron Craig, an Australian pop artist who mashes iconic, 80's and 90's nostalgic characters together in bold, colourful and exciting ways.

The work is just fun to me. It makes me happy and I was excited to interview Aaron and learn more about his influences, history and journey into the arts.

You describe your art style as ‘pop mash’. Can you explain how you came to find this style and what you enjoy about it?

I studied fine arts and visual communication design at university, and I dabbled in plenty of different styles of art making, but I never felt that any of them ‘clicked’ with me. I was asked to paint for a few group shows about 3 years ago now and I decided to just paint what I love the most - cartoons, comics, action figures! Since then I fine tuned my style and I haven’t looked back.