SUPPORTING art is the cure

We are trying to grow a community and inspire a movement but that will require help and support from as many people as possible. Our mission is to inspire and theres a lot of ways to get our message out to the world. By telling friends and family about creative therapy, sharing our blogs and content on social media and wearing the merchandise, you will be promoting this message and putting it out into the world for new people to learn about.


Instagram is the best way for us to grow an online community to get our message across to a lot of people in exciting, inspirational ways. Join our community, tell your friends about us, share posts and stories encouraging people to support our cause and help us inspire a new generation to learn about the power of art and creativity! Follow our page, tag your photos with @artisthecureorg and share your support with posts and inspirational pics to inspire others to join our movement.


All profits from our merchandise sales go back into the project to fund school visits, creating new content and promoting art therapy. Schools often dont have the budget to pay for outside speakers to visit so we took this upon ourselves to fund the school visits ourselves with the sales of merch. 


An average school visit or workshop would cost £200, so by selling 10 t-shirts, we can visit a school for free and inspire hundreds of kids about art therapy and how to grow a passion for creativity into a life changing skillset. 



All merchandise sales help us fund school visits, media creation and promoting art therapy in new ways. Wear something, use it as a conversation starter to talk about what we do.


Art Is The Cure is a non profit organisation and as such, we would love to work with volunteers who could help us grow. This could be done by telling your local schools about us, promoting on social media or helping us create street art. There will hopefully be more opportunities to volunteer at events and workshops in the future after the pandemic has gone and we are allowed and able to host events again.



Whether it's helping us grow online or helping with future events and workshops, we would love to hear from you.


We are a non profit organisation and all money raised from merchandise sales goes back into the project to allow us to visit schools without charging for talks and workshops. We also want to keep creating new inspiring media like podcasts and films to promote creative therapy and put a bigger spotlight on the benefits art has for things like mental health.