Welcome to the new Art Is The Cure website!

I want to welcome you all to the brand new AITC website. I'm excited to relaunch things in a big way and see what we can achieve with the organisation. Since we first launched in 2008, AITC has tried to grow and evolve in different ways and both life, art careers and illnesses have prevented us from realising its full potential. 

We feel now is the right time to explore new ways to grow this organisation again and see where we can take it. I would love to see you join our communities on this website, facebook and Instagram

If you want to get more involved by sending us photos, videos and stories to share or you want to volunteer your time in some capacity then we would love to hear from you! hello@artisthecure.org

Please keep checking back for new events, projects and initiatives and we cant wait to see what we can achieve as a community to inspire others through this movement. 

Thank you again, Rich.


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